Anapsys Counselling Services Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

This agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable to our services as a provider of Cognitive Behavioural therapy through the use of face-to-face, videoconferencing and telephone.

You are required to read carefully these terms and conditions before becoming a new client. Accepting these terms and conditions for the services we offer involves forming a legal binding contract under Northern Irish Law. These terms and conditions may be modified from time to time. The amended conditions will be effective from the moment they are uploaded on the Internet. It is your responsibility to check for new or modified terms and conditions. We will not notify you when this occurs.

1. We do not offer our services to minors. You must be over 18 years old to start therapy at Anapsys Online Counselling Services.

2. Providing false details during the registration process, assessment or treatment will result in the withdrawal of our services e.g. your psychiatric history, age, suicidal ideation, or self-harming behavioural patterns. We shall assume no liability to any individual in respect of any loss, damage, expenses, proceedings, claims or costs in connection with the omission of relevant information or misinformation.

3. We are not liable for any breach in security and privacy which may arise from the use of internet or computer technology e.g. videoconferencing, email, telephone...

4. We are not liable for any virus, loss of data, or interference that may affect your system or our website.

5. Either of us can terminate this contract by providing 24 hours notice in writing.

6. You acknowledge that the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party documentation provided for the purpose of therapy belongs to either the copyright holder e.g. inventories or questionnaires. They must not be reproduced, uploaded onto the Internet or shared with any other person. You will be liable for damages by the copyright holder and our services will be terminated.

7. You acknowledge that our therapy sessions are confidential (both ways). Recordings of audio or video materials produced at times when client requests it are copyrighted by Anapsys Counselling Services and you may not modify, copy, distribute, reproduce, licence, display, transmit, publish, perform, create derivate materials from, transfer or sell any information obtained through the process of therapy, including content of the website where we offer our services. You may also use those materials for the purpose intended i.e. revision of the session or development of home talks.

8. You agree to complete the 14-item screening questionnaire to ascertain if you are a suitable person to receive CBT therapy Online. Failing any of the 14 items deems you unsuitable to receive our services. If you make an appointment and pay the fees if your test results show that you are unsuitable, no refund of the payment will be issued. It is your responsibility to be truthful and accurate when you are required to do so.

9. My therapist and I agree to keep confidential all information exchanged, disclosed by email, videoconferencing or telephone. As my therapist will not share any information about me to any other party, I will not disclose to a third party what we may have discussed in therapy, use any audio/videorecording to show other people or upload it on the Internet. Our policy of confidentiality is just as much as for the therapist as it is for me regarding what we share. I will NOT show or display any audio/video material produced during my sessions to any third party. I will only use those materials for own personal use. Breaching this condition would not only be a breach of this confidentiality policy but would also make me liable for any prosecution that may arise due to copyright infringement. Any materials used for therapy, including sessions recorded, are property of Anapsys Counselling Services.

There are only three boundaries to confidentiality applicable to any psychotherapy practice: 1) If my therapist considers that I am in imminent and significant personal danger which may compromise my own safety during the course of the therapy 2) If I disclose information about having harmed a third party e.g. physical abuse to my own children 3) If I confessed having committed a crime punishable by law within the territory Anapsys provide their services (UK). In any of these cases, the proper authorities e.g. your doctor or any other appropriate person will be notified by my therapist if he or she deems that action becomes necessary.

10. I understand that any claims or dispute in relation to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Northern Ireland Courts.

11. Any psychotherapist offering online therapy services abide by the BABCP Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

12. You are responsible for maintaining secure and private your login details (e.g. username and password). You may not disclose your passwords to a third party.

13. Anapsys Counselling Online Services cannot provide guarantees about the accuracy or reliability of the information or materials used within the service.

14. You accept that online therapy does not provide emergency services and that the contract will terminate when a client becomes suicidal (even if he or she was not at the time of the screening) in order to facilitate the provision of local support and therapy within the area where the client lives.

15. We only offer online therapy sessions to those who do NOT require to cover the costs through an insurance policy. We do not accept insurance policies..

16. You agree to pay before the session commences. Any session agreed with your therapist e.g. by email but not completed through the online system will be void and no service will be provided.

17. This site is protected by copyright. It is published by Anapsys Counselling Services. It is made available to you on terms including that (and the following apply to the whole or any part of the site):
a. it is for your personal use only;
b. you may not copy or transmit it or otherwise reproduce it or make it available except to download it onto a single computer and view it for private use only;
c. you may not, except with our express prior written permission, distribute or commercially exploit it; you may not transmit it or make it available on a network without our express prior written permission;
d. use of it is at your sole risk.

All other rights are reserved to Anapsys Counselling Services. Any infringement established on this website will result in appropriate legal action. If you require any further information, use the form from our contact page.

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