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Find Out Why You Can't Get Over A Breakup

And How Long It Will Take To Get Over Your Ex

Dr. Sylvia Buet, Psychologist, BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, creator of the Breakup CBT Cure


Find Out How Long It Will Take To Get Over Your Breakup With This FREE Quiz

Hi, I am Dr. Sylvia Buet.

Every time a patient came to see me and get help for a relationship breakup, I struggled to find why the person wasn't getting over a breakup.

And what puzzled me the most was that everyone seemed to be stuck differently.

So, I decided to research why some people can't get through a breakup, and What I found was that....

There Are 8 "Stuck Points" To People's Recovery

Take the test and find out which areas are blocking your breakup recovery and how long it will take to get over your ex!

This FREE Assessment is all you need to understand the reasons why you're not getting over your breakup and how long your heartache is likely to last.

After you complete the short quiz, you'll receive a comprehensive Custom Report revealing why you can't get over your breakup and how long it will take you to move on. One or more of these 8 "STUCK POINTS" below may be blocking your recovery.

Find Out Why You Can't Get Over A Breakup And How Long It Will Take To Get Over Your Ex and Mend Your Broken Heart with The Breakup CBT Cure

STUCK POINT 1: Feeling still emotionally attached to your ex.

STUCK POINT 2: Hoping for reconciliation.

STUCK POINT 3: Checking on and monitoring your ex excessively.

STUCK POINT 4: Avoiding reminders of the breakup as well as thoughts and feelings.

STUCK POINT 5: Having regrets and blaming yourself for the breakup.

STUCK POINT 6: Going over and over angry-provoking situations about your ex.

STUCK POINT 7: Not understanding the reasons for the breakup.

STUCK POINT 8: Being flooded by upsetting intrusive thoughts and images.

Take The Test And Find Out When You Will Get Over Your Ex

Quiz: When I'll Get Over My Ex

How To Get Over A Breakup With The Breakup CBT Cure

  • The Breakup CBT Cure is a self-directed online programme, using cognitive behavioural techniques to mend your broken heart. After 8 weeks, you can expect to ...
  • Break the attachment with your ex.
  • Stop obsessing about your ex and make your ex a memory of the past.
  • Feel good about not contacting or checking on your ex.
  • Accept the breakup and cope with the uncertainty of not understanding why the relationship ended.
  • Learn some powerful and effective techniques that will really help you cope with your negative feelings.
  • Get off the emotional roller coaster by eliminating your desire to get together with your ex.
  • Control your emotions and change the way you think about the breakup. Let go of anger, resentment, guilt, and hurt feelings.
  • And you can achieve all these by working at your own pace in only 8 weeks with the innovative online programme I designed as a result of my Phd: The Breakup CBT Cure.

How The Breakup CBT Cure Works To Mend Your Broken Heart

Fast-track your recovery with The Breakup CBT Cure and don't wait for time to heal all wounds

Apart From Breakups, We also Treat These Relationship and Sexual Issues

Relationship breakups are one of the most common issues that cause people to seek therapy, and that is because relationships play a critical role in our lives. However, not only we can help you let go of the pain after getting your heart broken, but we also offer individual CBT therapy for romantic issues such as:

* Dilemmas about either staying or leaving a relationship

*Not having enough confidence to meet or develop relationships with the opposite sex e.g., due to assertiveness problems or deficient dating skills.

* Loneliness

* Difficulty in maintaining and developing intimate relationships e.g., problems tolerating a partner's flaws, infatuation, fear of commitment

* Jealousy problems

* Guilt and anger problems (abortion, affairs, bad temper)

* Gay issues

* Communication difficulties leading to arguments and conflicts

* Intimacy or sexual problems

* Anger problems and domestic violence

* Loss of interest in the partner

* Family problems and disagreements

* Thoughts of divorce